International Women’s Day

by Hannah Hamiill


International Women’s Day: A Reminder to Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman

One of the perks of working for a company like Naya Health is that every day is a celebration of women. From our CEO and co-founder Janica who started Naya because she believed women deserved better, to our IBCLC on staff who works closely with our customers to help them provide nutrition for their babies, to our engineers who create products that improve the pumping experience for women—it goes without saying that we are thinking about women all the time.

March 8th is International Women’s Day, which is set aside to honor the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Here are a few recent wins for women that we’d like to celebrate today.

Women are getting more support to pursue careers in STEM fields

Last week, two female representatives in Congress introduced two bills encouraging women to pursue careers in STEM fields, which were then signed into law. The “Inspiring the Next Space Pioneers, Innovators, Researchers and Explorers (INSPIRE) Women Act” will support initiatives that will “encourage women and girls to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics and to pursue careers that will further advance America’s space science and exploration efforts.” Similarly, the “Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act” will encourage the National Science Foundation to tackle the issue of underrepresentation of women in STEM fields.

Seven women made political history in the November election

In November, seven women won historic firsts in elections across the United States. Women representing diverse minority groups such as the LGBT community, refugees, and women of color were elected to state legislatures, the United States Senate, and the governorship of Oregon.

Important women in history are being immortalized… as Lego figures

Legos may seem like a trivial contribution to this list, but we were pretty excited to hear that a “Women of NASA” Lego set is currently in development. We love that kids will have these female pioneers, including the first African American woman in space and one of the first female executives at NASA, playing an important role in their imaginative play.

#NayaMoms who are everyday heroes

In addition to these wins that make national news, it’s important for us to acknowledge the women that we interact with on a daily basis. We hear from pumping moms who are the primary breadwinners for their family, moms who pump so that they can be milk donors, and moms of special needs babies who pump because their child is unable to breastfeed. Hearing a success story from a mom who has used our pump and found it to be more comfortable or more efficient, making time for her to get other important work done, helps us feel like our jobs are worth doing.

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Hannah Hamiill